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"I have been seeing Nina since I was discharged from a partial program in 2017, which was my junior year of high school. The program I was in, was supposed to be for 2 weeks. However, I thoroughly struggled to make improvement and stayed in partial for 7 weeks, until my insurance ran out. After discharged, the next step of the program was to complete several weeks of out-patient group therapy, 3 times a week. The psychologists there agreed that group therapy was not a good fit for me, and recommended that I begin one-on-one trauma therapy as a replacement. What I learned from being a partial patient is that you get out of the experience based on what you put into it. I was experiencing suicidal ideation for well over a year at this point, and was only working on myself not for me, but out of guilt for my loved ones. I had no desire to "get better" because I believed that I did not deserve to. 

During my first session with Nina, I did not have much of an issue laying out what I had been going through. I explained my situation without much emotion, because I was simply numb and disassociated from it, due to receptiveness of talking about it in partial. Gradually, Nina helped me discover and identify with my personal experiences through various sessions of EMDR work. Nina is especially skilled in not telling me what to do, but rather listening with intent for me to acknowledge and analyze my authentic emotions, in order to figure out by myself how to move forward. 

I had been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and PTSD in partial from my psychiatrist. I had been through various cocktails of medications, but Nina and I always agreed with the feeling as if there was a missing piece to my puzzle. Through therapy with Nina, who has always been exceptional at conversing with my psychiatrist, helped me identify my waves of inconsistent emotions to be parallel with Bipolar Depressive Disorder just recently. Despite the initial shame I felt coming to this conclusion, I have never felt so authentically myself as I come to terms with it. 

All in all, I give much credit to Nina's therapy these past few years, for who I have become today. Nina has grown to become someone that I hold near and dear to my heart through her loyalty, compassion and genuine sincerity. I continue to meet with her on a biweekly basis, filled with much joy to talk about how I have been, and always leave with a wave of relief and clear mind." - Emmi, Female, 21

"I have battled anxiety for most of my life and recently found it getting to a point where I wasn't able to manage it on my own. Senior year of high school and the entire college process had me in a pretty bad headspace. My mother and I did some research and found Kristen and the PA Horizons Counseling group, and I am so happy that we did. First, they were actually able to get me in to see someone quickly, which wasn't the case at several other places that we tried. Second, and most importantly, Kristen is wonderful. She listens and has really helped me to put her guidance into practice in my life. I feel so much better when I leave her office and it is helpful that she is an impartial listener who doesn't bring her own feelings to the discussion. I would highly recommend this practice and Kristen to anyone who is feeling anxious and overwhelmed in their relationships and life." - Brenna, Female, 18

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