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Group therapy can consist of 5-10+ group members and is facilitated by a therapist. Groups typically meet for one to two hours on a weekly basis. Some groups may be on going, and some for a designated amount of time. Therapists design these groups to focus on specific issues such as grief & loss, marriage/couples, depression, anxiety and gender identity. Some clients may attend group therapy, in addition to individual therapy.

Group therapy has many benefits and can provide a unique healing experience. Groups allow you to meet others who can relate to similar issues and who can support you on your journey. Learning through the experiences of others is a tremendous benefit of group therapy. By seeing how others approach and handle difficult situations, you can discover new ways of facing and overcoming your own concerns.  


Facilitated by Kristen Murphy, MA

Are you and your partner looking for a deeper connection? Do you find yourselves having communication issues or difficulty relating to one another? Perhaps you feel misunderstood, stumbling over the same issues or simply unable to break the cycle. Whether you would like to improve your love life, strengthen your connection or improve your communication with your partner, this group is for you.


This 5-week series was designed to help couples strengthen their bond, through developing a real understanding of each other’s needs, feelings and what is really going on inside each other’s heads. In this group, you will learn love languages, learn and utilize reflective listening skills, discover your own attachment styles and explore how fears could be sabotaging the connection between you and your partner. 

This group will consist of 4 couples, meeting once a week for 90 minutes, for 5 consecutive weeks. Sessions will be held in-person at The Empowering U Center,

511 W. Main St, Trappe, PA 19426.


Dates and times TBD. 

For pricing, availability and additional information, please CONTACT US

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